Letters- vote for Jarman

We are delighted to support Bob Jarman for San Juan County Commissioner in District 1. Bob brings great synergy andbalance to the existing team of three with his focus on making the basic county government services work well beforeadding more responsibility and burden to our small community; historical experience in all the islands so he’s not focusinghis energy on just his “home” island; his time as a San Juan Island Fire Commissioner so he understands our needs foremergency services while at the same time our need to be able to take care of ourselves as much as possible and not relyon mainland services to be able to come to our rescue; and for his calm accountability.

Bob’s many years as a provider of services through business and the nonprofit organizations he supports are testimonies tohis good character.

We look forward to Bob Jarman working with and for this diverse community with the same expectation of progress that heand his fellow commissioners have achieved during the last four years.

Clyde and April Duke

Orcas Island