Letters-Thank you from the SJI Public Schools Foundation

Submitted by the San Juan Public Schools Foundation

San Juan Island Public Schools Foundation would like to thank you for supporting our local children. The Phone-A-Thon, held on Oct. 17 and 18, brought in over $50,000 in pledges. As they say, it takes a village – thank you to this amazing community. Please note that 100 percent of donations go back to the classroom. Volunteer students, parents, and educators spent hours at our call center this year. A big thanks to them, as well.

The generous support of islanders has enabled the foundation to continue supporting education on San Juan Island in numerous ways. With these funds, the Public Schools Foundation will help keep our local elementary, middle and high schools in the upper echelon of the state. Some examples of recent Public Schools Foundation grants include support for math, music, STEM, social studies, language arts, and art programs. State funding only provides the minimum, and we rely on the kindness of the community to help fill in the gaps. Many pledges have been collected, but if you pledged but haven’t sent in your payment, please do so. Also, if we did not call you, but you would still like to help out our local children, donations can be made and more info can be found at http://www.sjpsf.org/.