Letters – Bill for council

As full-time San Juan County residents since 1983, we’ve watched the county grow from sleepy little laid-back communities to vital location destinations with great eco-tourism appeal. We appreciate the difficult balance between economic survivaland potential destruction of what makes the islands so treasured and magical. Bill understands that fragile balance.

Bill is clearly an accomplished professional. Confident and articulate, he has both successful experience in public serviceand the intelligent, honorable fairness to guide our county into the future. It takes courage and intellect to be an effective,and balanced, voice for the future of our communities. Level-headed, approachable and clear thinking, Bill represents ourhope for the future of San Juan County.

Bill has been a treasured personal friend for close to seven years. We have come to know him well and enthusiasticallysupport his candidacy.

Bear and Mitzi Johnson

Friday Harbor