EMS levy proposition

I support the San Juan EMS taxing district and its importance for emergency medical assistance in conjunction with swift hospitalization if necessary. Yes, the six-year tax revenue for the district is terminating at the end of the year unless the voting public approves a tax levy renewal. We voters have received ballot information from the proponents of the proposition that illustrates the necessity of passing a $.50 per $1,000 of assessed value tax rate. The tax rate helps the tax payer to determine what the tax burden will be for the property owner. However, what is missing in promoting the passage of the proposition is the approximate tax revenue that initially will or could be collected beginning 2017 tax year.

What voters are asked to approve is the initial tax revenue that could be collected if the proposition passes. This information has not come forth from the proponents of the EMS $.50 levy. Let’s take a look at what the current EMS 2016 tax revenue was certified for collection and compare it to what is being proposed.

The 2016 EMS certified revenue based on a $.35 tax rate is $1,001,986.

The proposed 2017 tax revenue based on a $.50 tax rate will generate approximately $1,431,409, or a 42.8 percent increase. If the 2016 assessed value of the district should increase, the actual revenue could be slightly more. If the proposition passes, the hospital commission has the authority to decide to collect all or less of the potential EMS allowable revenue without penalty in future years.

Paul Dossett

Friday Harbor