Bob Jarman is the real deal – letters

As someone who has worked with elected officials for over 12 years, I can tell you that most first-time candidates seeking election believe, naively, that leaders just need to really understand issues to turn government around.

They believe that their previous successful career qualifies them for leadership. Supporters write, “His comprehension of the issues is deep and broad.” And, “He has done his homework.”

But, here’s the real deal – a lot of people are experts on the issues. If that were all that is needed, we would have solved all problems decades ago. The reality is that the job is far more complex than just grasping the issues. Council members not only need to understand issues, but also must be able to speak to the heart and soul of our community. That skill comes from real experience and not just developing a few good talking points for the campaign.

Bob Jarman has that real experience.

Bob came to San Juan County in 1975. Working and eventually managing the telephone company, Bob gained genuine direct experience with every aspect of island life. He knows the history; he knows the people; he knows the land.

We know that Bob has the respect of his colleagues. Watch any County Council meeting and you will see that while the members do not always agree, they hold one another in high regard. Drop by the Council office and if Bob is not already in a committee meeting or representing San Juan County on the mainland, you will have his time and attention.

Bob is already working on affordable housing issues, the county’s budget and streamlining efficiencies. Bob is already providing an example of excellent customer service at the County offices. When the communication system went down a few years back, Bob held the phone company accountable.

Certainly other candidates have good qualities, but I want District 1 lead by a Council Member who is already an experienced and effective leader. He’s the Real Deal and I am proud to say that Bob Jarman has my vote.

Ingrid Gabriel

San Juan Island