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Poor losers make for petty politics | Guest Column

November 7, 2012 · Updated 3:44 PM

Howard Schonberger / Journal file photo

By Howard Schonberger, Journal columnist

I know. It’s probably been decided.

But when this column was sent to press on Monday night for printing Tuesday and delivery on Wednesday, as usual, it was far from over.

All the polls indicated a very close race, like the one George “Double-you” won despite the majority of voters picking Al Gore. The electoral college, and the supreme court, declared for “Bush the Second”.

Now, it’s possible that the Democrats can do that electoral end-around play also. Can’t blame them.

The only thing that disturbs me is how we are getting into cruel and unusual punishment of presidential candidates.

Have you noticed how much grey hair has tinged that young president who won four years ago. The first few months were not too bad for President Obama, but once he had won his first legislative battle on health care, the honeymoon was over.

There was a time when losers at the ballot box gave the winners a chance to try out their approach to solving the many problems facing a new leader.

No longer. Fuggidabahdit.

Instead of gentlemanly congratulations and promises of cooperating with the winner’s plans, we are now finding that an entire branch of the government is going to the legislative chambers having signed pledges to vote in only their way, no matter what platform wins the “leadership” of the executive branch.

Not only can they vote against the leadership of the White House, but also they can vote against paying for the cost of enforcing the laws which don’t live up to their Tea Party or free-choice platforms.

I’ll be damned if we need two legislative branches of tweedledums and tweedledees to get big bucks and lifetime pensions for ignoring the major vote of the voting, tax-paying and often life-sacrificing citizens of these United States.

Don’t hogtie our president, whoever we choose.

We appreciate the fact that it was easier for Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he ran against Alf Landon… in that case the results showed: “As Maine Goes, So Goes Vermont”. (FDR won over 60 percent of the vote. Landon panicked and suggested FDR was communistically inclined and might behead his opposition).

Nonetheless, we saw a lot of independent thinking and no phoney-baloney stuff about citizenship and other cheap shots. The losers gave the winners a chance; they helped our allies against Hitler, Il Duce and Hirohito, and even the Chicago Tribune went for declaring war after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Eisenhower took over and we were respected around the globe. Actually, we still are the strongest and best.

Let’s give the victor a chance for this next four years and hear out all sides of different opinions. Compromise is the “The Deal” we need now.

— Go with the F.L.O.W.  (Ferry Lovers Of Washington)


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