Contributed photo/Liza Michaelson Protestors create signs on Sunday, Jan. 15 to use at the Jan. 21 march.

Women’s March on Friday Harbor

People from across the nation are preparing to gather in Washington D.C. the day after the presidential inauguration to march in solidarity with all women.

In an act of unity, a group of islanders has come together to have a sister protest on Jan. 21 through the Town of Friday Harbor. Beginning at noon, marchers will gather at the courthouse lawn and walk from there to the Friday Harbor Middle School commons.

“We wanted this event to happen in Friday Harbor because we think our community would benefit from the same opportunity for dialogue as the many major cities that are holding sister events with the national march in D.C,” said organizers who have chosen to remain anonymous for their safety and because they feel the event is collaborative. “We will not only be marching for our own community but perhaps for the communities around the country and the world that are less fortunate than we are and those that are feeling threatened and most vulnerable right now.”

On Jan. 20, President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th U.S. president. Several national news agencies have reported that Trump has a history of allegations of sexual abuse against women, so in protest of those actions, hundreds of thousands of women and men are planning to march through Washington D.C. near the White House the next day.

“Our hope is that this event will bridge divides, open communication and show the power of togetherness,” said organizers. “Even more than that, we hope that this event will be the jumping-off point for attendees to become more engaged and active in their community and the greater communities of our world.”

Coordinators say the response from the community has been very supportive. Their email inboxes have been full of enthusiastic messages thanking them for holding a local march.

At the commons, local speakers are scheduled to talk on human rights and environmental topics. The emcee for the event is Amy Herdy, a local documentarian and noted speaker. During the reception, the march in Washington D.C. will be streaming live. Organizers say they are hoping to be able to provide refreshments and snacks donated from local businesses. There will also be a letter-writing table, where people can pen messages to their elected officials.

Organizers say everyone is invited to participate in the march; it is not just for women.

“Our intention officially reads, ‘Coming together for human rights and the environment in our county and our country,’ and we intend to do just that,” says the group. “In the end, we couldn’t think of a better place to begin having these conversations than right here, at home.”

Watch protesters make posters for the event and a commercial in the videos below.


Contributed photo/Liza Michaelson

Contributed photo/Liza Michaelson

Contributed photo/Liza Michaelson

Contributed photo/Liza Michaelson