Stolen signs, drug delinquencies and walking worries | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

  • Mon Nov 6th, 2017 7:00am
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The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

Oct. 18

• Deputies arrived at a residence in Friday Harbor to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance.

• An Orcas Island deputy responded to Olga for a report of an erratic driver. The vehicle was found safely parked.

• A deputy responded to a Lopez Island residence for an illegal drug complaint. The homeowner reported finding illegal drug paraphernalia in her home. The matter is under investigation.

• A San Juan Island deputy received a warrant on a Friday Harbor resident for Failure to Appear in court and assault in the 4th degree. The male was arrested without incident, booked into the jail, posted bond and released with a new court date.

Oct. 19

• A Friday Harbor citizen reported several items stolen from her San Juan Island residence. The investigation is ongoing.

• A Lopez Island deputy met with a dog owner near the Lopez Village regarding their dog, which was running loose on Hummel Lake Road and issued the owner a dog-at-large warning letter.

• An Orcas Island deputy stopped a vehicle for driving 39 mph in a 25 mph speed zone. The driver was issued a citation.

• A San Juan Island deputy served an arrest warrant at a house on Friday Harbor. The male was arrested and booked at the station. The male posted bail and was released with a new court date.

Oct. 20

• An Orcas deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding 41 mph in a 25 mph speed zone. The driver was cited for speeding.

• A San Juan Island deputy conducted a traffic stop on Roche Harbor Road on a vehicle for a defective headlight. The driver was issued a citation for not having a valid operator’s license with ID and given a verbal warning for a defective headlight and expired registration.

Oct. 21

• Deputies responded to a domestic call on Orcas. After both parties were interviewed, it was deemed a civil matter.

• Orcas deputies responded to a domestic dispute in Eastsound. The incident was resolved.

• Lopez deputies were contacted by a school board candidate regarding the removal of lawfully placed campaign signs. The investigation is ongoing.

• Friday Harbor parents called to report their 17-year-old son as a runaway. Information was taken, a juvenile runaway notice was signed and posted, and deputies began searching for the boy.

Oct. 22

• A Lopez Island woman reported that she was harassed while walking. The suspect reportedly has made unwelcome comments and gestures toward the woman on more than one occasion.

• Deputies responded to a report of a burglary in progress in Friday Harbor. Two males were arrested for criminal trespass and booked into jail.

• A San Juan deputy was dispatched to the San Juan Island area in reference to a domestic dispute. The incident was found to be verbal in nature.

Oct. 23

• Friday Harbor High School officials called on a student using marijuana. The student was found to have marijuana on her and later tested positive for marijuana consumption. The subject was turned over to juvenile probation for processing.

• A San Juan Island deputy was contacted in reference to a theft in the Friday Harbor area. The caller reported that political signs were removed from several locations.

• A San Juan Island deputy was contacted in reference to a vehicle theft in Friday Harbor. The caller was out of the state but advised that a family member may have taken their car without permission.

• A San Juan deputy was dispatched to Friday Harbor where someone has “tagged” several buildings overnight.

• A San Juan Island deputy was contacted at the sheriff’s office in reference to a verbal domestic dispute. The individual reported issues with a roommate.

• An Orcas deputy responded to the public restrooms in Eastsound for a report of vandalism.

Oct. 24

• An Orcas Island deputy responded with Orcas Island Fire and Rescue to the Eastsound area for a vehicle-versus-pedestrian collision. The pedestrian, a visitor to the island, sustained only minor injuries.

• A Lopez Island deputy stopped a motorist on Fisherman Bay Road after he saw him driving without wearing a seatbelt. The deputy issued the driver a ticket for failing to wear a seatbelt.