Park Street Chipsealing ScheduledMonday, July 17 through July 24

  • Tue Jul 11th, 2017 4:54pm
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The Town’s Park Street Sewer & Water Main Replacement Project is nearly complete. Town has contracted with SJC Public Works to provide chipsealing services to restore the roadway surface next week. Important construction and road closure dates follow.

Construction schedule:

• Beginning Monday, July 17th – SJCPW will mobilize equipment on Park Street in the morning. The crew will be grinding the existing pavement on Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

• Beginning Wednesday, July 19th – SJCPW will haul in and spread gravel, reshape the roadway, and then compact it on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

• Beginning Monday, July 24th – SJCPW will begin chipsealing. The chipsealing process is expected to be done within the day.

Road Closures:

• Park Street – In order to do this work, Park Street will be closed to through traffic (local access only) from Monday, July 17th through Friday, July 21st, and then again on Monday, July 24th. During these times all vehicles MUST be off the street.

• Marguerite Place – At times during work near the intersection, Marguerite Place in its entirety (from Spring Street to Guard Street) will be closed to through traffic. Crosstown traffic should detour to Blair Avenue. Local access will be granted up to, but not through, the Park Street/Marguerite Place intersection. Every effort will be made to quickly reopen Marguerite Place.

Important Notices:

• Parking – “No Parking” signs will be placed along both sides of the streets prior to the work so vehicles can be moved from the street or shoulder. Vehicles left on Park Street during work hours must be towed at the owner’s expense. Parking restrictions are typically removed as soon as the chipseal application is done.

• Local Access – Access to driveways may be disrupted for a few minutes, but SJCPW crews will work to minimize delays. The new surface can be driven on almost immediately, but slow speeds are required.

• Sweeping – Expect loose rock after the chip sealing. The street will be swept within several days to remove excess loose rock.

• Drive Slowly – Please drive slowly, no faster than 15 mph, on the new surface for the first several days. This will help the new surface to set and prevent potholes and the loosening of aggregate.

• Motorcyclists and Bicyclists – Due to the loose rock, motorcyclists and bicyclists should use extreme caution and consider using alternative routes until the road surface stabilizes.

• Pets – To avoid contact with the asphalt emulsion on the street, please keep pets indoors or fenced-in during the day of the chip seal project.

Every effort will be made limit closures and to have both lanes of traffic open in the evenings and on the weekend.

The Town thanks you in advance for your cooperation. Questions regarding this project can be directed to Town Administrator Wilson at (360) 378 – 2810 or Town Public Works Department at (360) 378 – 2154.