Ex-Okanogan man gets 60 days for misdemeanors

A former Okanogan man — a familiar face in local courts — was sentenced to 60 days in jail after pleading guilty to a pair of misdemeanors, including attempted possession of an explosive device.

On April 18, Timothy Merrill Florence, 37, pleaded guilty in San Juan County Superior Court to one count each of attempted possession of an explosive without a license and attempted possession of stolen property, both of which are gross misdemeanors.

He was ordered to serve a total of 60 days in jail and two years probation, and to pay $775 in fines, fees and restitution.

Initially, Florence was charged with several misdemeanors and a felony weapons offense following his arrest in early March for an alleged violation of court orders involving a previous conviction. Authorities claimed he was carrying a stolen camera, a small amount of marijuana and an explosive device in his backpack at the time of the arrest.

He pleaded guilty two weeks ago to the lesser offenses, which each carry maximum penalties of one year in jail, a $5,000 fine, or both.

Florence has been convicted of 30 crimes, including six felonies and assorted misdemeanor drug and driving offenses, over the past 20 years.

He was convicted of felony burglary two years ago after admitting to stealing groceries, clothing and an assortment of music CDs out of a car onboard a ferry. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail for that crime.