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Tour new orca nonprofit at the Port of Friday Harbor

  • Wed Oct 24th, 2018 1:30am
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Submitted by Orca Protection and Rescue

Meet the crew of Orca Protection and Rescue and learn more about this organization from noon-3 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 27 at Spring Street Landing. Enjoy wine and cheese and tour the nonprofit’s vessels to learn more about the organization.

Orca Protection and Rescue is dedicated to protecting the local whales and marine wildlife from vessel harassment and marine pollution.

The event is located in the harbor in front of Downriggers restaurant. Look for the maritime flags on OPR’s two boats at the end of the dock, where the seasonal San Juan Clipper docks.

Meet the crew:

Capt. Hobbes: Executive director and founder. Capt. Hobbes is a 17-year veteran of the local whale watch industry who is now transitioning from whale watching to whale protection. Hobbes has operated commercial vessels since the age of 14 and was recently appointed by the United States Coast Guard to the Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee.

Peter Brown: President advisor. From Gaia Network, Brown is a director, producer, and cinematographer with 35-plus years of experience. Brown has been active with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and released a feature-length documentary based on his experiences (titled “Confessions of an Eco Terrorist”). Brown now leads Gaia Network, a global coalition of experts and activists working to make the world a better place.

Scott West: Enforcement advisor. Scott West is a retired special agent-in-charge with the Environmental Protection Agency. West is the former director of intelligence and investigations at Sea Shepherd USA, who worked extensively in Japan against the dolphin slaughter.

Erika Hansen: Grant writer and community outreach specialist. Having worked as a research biologist since 2006, Hansen decided to instead pursue her dream of working in marine conservation.

Elora West: Media and communication specialist. West has extensive experience working with conservation organizations developing media content, working in outreach, volunteer coordination, and campaign strategy. West is most known for her work documenting the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. West is currently a graduate student in the Communication Leadership program at the University of Washington.

The crew needs help to save the magnificent Southern resident killer whales, who are hurtling towards extinction. Donate today at to keep the crew on the water.