Take WDFW survey on supporting sustainable fish populations

  • Fri Jan 26th, 2018 5:53pm
  • Life

Submitted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

One lucky person will win gift cards to a variety of local sportfishing businesses by taking a short survey on a state program established to enhance recreational fisheries in Puget Sound.

The survey is designed to gauge public understanding of the Puget Sound Recreational Salmon and Marine Fish Enhancement Program. The survey is available through March 31 on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website at wdfw.wa.gov/about/advisory/psrfef/survey.html.

The program was created by the state Legislature in 1993 to improve and promote recreational fishing for Washington citizens and support sustainable populations of salmon and marine bottomfish in Puget Sound. The program is supported by revenue generated from the sales of certain fishing licenses.

Participants in the survey will be entered into a random drawing, which will take place in April. The winner will be awarded a total of $200 in gift cards from sportfishing businesses.

Information from the survey will help state fishery managers shape future fishing opportunities, said Ryan Lothrop, Puget Sound recreational salmon fishery manager for the department.

“This is a short survey designed to give us a better idea of people’s understanding of the program and where our efforts should be focused in the future,” Lothrop said. “We are looking at how best to improve recreational fisheries in this state, particularly in Puget Sound, and our efforts to introduce people to sportfishing.”