Stewardship Guide informs guests about island living

  • Wed Jul 25th, 2018 7:00am
  • Life

Submitted by the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau

Do you care about how our visitors treat the San Juan Islands? Then you’ll love the brand new colorful Stewardship Guides from San Juan County Public Works. Jam-packed with tips on everything from bringing your own mug and reusable bag to turning off the tap and giving wildlife their space, these guides will engage visitors in what it means to be a steward of the San Juan Islands.

Last fall, San Juan County Public Works, in collaboration with the San Juan Island Visitors Bureau and members of the Stewardship Network and Terrestrial Managers Group, received a lodging tax grant to create a guide for visitors to share our community’s stewardship values. Residents and visitors enjoy our clean air and water, spectacular views, biking, hiking, camping, and boating opportunities throughout the Islands. The protection of these valuable natural resources is critical to maintaining our status as an eco-tourism destination and begins with active education of all those that live and visit the Islands. The primary goal of this project is to provide a visitor Island orientation, including information on reducing, reusing, and recycling wastes; boating best practices; water conservation; air and noise quality; and alternative transportation while visiting. Guests will be “encouraged to act” in partnership with the community to preserve this unique and special place.

The guides are ready for distribution, with the aim to have one in every hotel/inn/resort/bed-and-breakfast/vacation rental room as part of welcome materials. If you or someone you know has an Airbnb, VRBO, or other visitor lodgings, contact Amy Nesler at the Visitors Bureau at or Mark Herrenkohl of Public Works at for a copy of the Stewardship Guide.