San Juan Historical Museum receives solar panels

  • Thu Dec 28th, 2017 8:26am
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Submitted by the San Juan Historical Museum

Preserving, interpreting and exhibiting the history of San Juan Island are key components of the San Juan Historical Society and Museum’s mission.

An extremely generous, long-time museum member, who wishes to remain anonymous, found a solution to reduce the cost of the organization’s electrical usage. A donation was received to fund all costs of solar panels installed on the roof of the Museum of History and Industry/barn structure on the grounds. Rainshadow Solar just completed the project; check it out, next time you’re on Spring Street and look beyond the outfield fence of the baseball field.

The MHI/barn has the largest roof surface of all the buildings on the historical museum campus. The south-facing side receives maximum sun exposure thereby making it the ideal location. The panels will generate enough solar energy to power the MHI and most of the other electrical needs. The cost savings for electricity use will have a significant impact on the bottom line for years to come.

With the maintenance of 1.6 acres of property, eight buildings averaging 90 years of age, insurance and utilities, there are many expenses involved with the overall day-to-day running of the historical museum. Utility costs make up a large portion of our expenses each year with having three power meters and two water meters. Staff and volunteers conserve as much as possible, but the fixed costs still remain.

Staff and volunteers are very thankful the immediate savings of energy costs, as well as the foresight to devise a solution to help the historical museum. The donations will make a significant difference well into the future.

In this season of giving, consider the San Juan Historical Society and Museum in end-of-year donations. The community asset since 1961 needs the continued financial investment. Staff and volunteers look to the generosity of the community to support the efforts of preserving the historical treasures and stories of the island. To donate, visit The Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers and thousands of annual visitors offer sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support for the past 56 years. Happy Holidays.