San Juan County Sheriff’s Office reminds islanders not to leave pets in cars on hot days

  • Mon Jun 25th, 2018 2:00pm
  • Life

Submitted by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind everyone that with the warmer temperatures it is important to not leave animals in cars.

The temperature on June 18 hit 86 degrees Fahrenheit but was listed as “feels like 90 degrees.” This means that within minutes, the temperature inside a car can reach as high as 120 degrees. Pets have no way of cooling themselves other than panting. Even with an adequate supply of water, at 110 degrees they are susceptible to heatstroke. Take them out of the car with you or leave them at home where they are safe. Leaving a pet in the car could result in an infraction or lead to charges of animal cruelty, which is a gross misdemeanor.

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