Contributed photo
                                Lynda Guernsey and Lee McEnery.

Contributed photo Lynda Guernsey and Lee McEnery.

San Juan County celebrates employees

  • Sun Dec 17th, 2017 6:21pm
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Staff report

San Juan County staff gathered at the San Juan Island Grange on Dec. 12 to celebrate employees’ years of service.

“It’s a way to thank our employees for a year well done,” said Councilman Rick Hughes.

The following islanders were honored:

Five years

  • Gary Weybright, assessor department
  • Linda Kuller, community development
  • Sally Rogers, clerk
  • Mark Rice, county manager’s office
  • Wendy Stephens, health and community services
  • Christopher Aiken, health and community services
  • Casey Hons, land bank

Six years

  • Nancy Vejvoda, prosecutor’s office

10 years

  • F. Milene, Henley, auditor
  • Camolyn Armstrong, auditor’s and election’s office
  • Ardith, Kelsey, auditor’s office
  • Beth Phillips, auditor’s office
  • Marie Williamson, auditor’s office
  • Ruthie Dougherty, land bank
  • L. Judith Cumming, land bank
  • Kathleen McLane, parks and fair
  • R. Shannon Wilbur, public works
  • D. Clayton Warner, public works
  • David Church, public works
  • Jason Kramer, public works
  • Ronald Krebs, sheriff’s department
  • Douglas Maya, sheriff’s department
  • B. Kim Burns, treasurer

15 years

  • Fred Schaller, community development
  • James Taylor, sheriff’s department

20 years

  • J. Bryan Posenjak, public works
  • Joel Thorson, public works

25 years

  • Lynda Guernsey, community development
  • Barbara LaBrash, health and community services
  • Jeff Clark, public works

30 years

  • Lee McEnery, community development