Port of Friday Harbor Invites Applicants for Citizen’s Advisory Committee

  • Wed Nov 8th, 2017 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by the Port of Friday Harbor

The Port of Friday Harbor is seeking applicants for a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to assist the port in considering the purchase of Jensen’s Boat Yard and Marina. The commission will appoint a panel of citizen volunteers to advise the commission as it investigates this potential purchase. The decision to purchase the facility is solely at the discretion of the port commissioners but the detailed input and analysis of the committee, together with public comments, are vital inputs to their decision. Please submit letters of interest by Nov. 17 for consideration by the commission.

• The port has completed a verification of port revenue bonding and income capacity for the purchase.

• The port is acquiring EPA grants to complete a thorough environmental testing and risk analysis for both the uplands and aquatic areas of the site. The grant funds will also cover a series of public involvement and facility planning meetings. These meetings will be planned for the period after the environmental analysis and before a final decision on whether the port will acquire the facility.

• It is envisioned that the advisory committee would work with the port staff and commissioners in a series of meetings, including the public involvement meeting, to ensure the due diligence phase is as complete and transparent as possible.

The envisioned preliminary schedule for investigation of this potential purchase is as follows:

Late October/early November 2017 – Notice to proceed to environmental study contractor

November 2017 – New commissioner is appointed to serve out Commissioner Ahrenius’ term

November/December 2017 – Full contingent of commissioners decide whether to execute a Memorandum of Understanding on terms for the potential purchase

Late November 2017 – Port receives tenant proposals for facility operations and leases; Port staff refines business/financial analysis of port ownership of the facility

December 2017 – Receive and review environmental testing and analysis report

December 2017 into first quarter 2018 – Public involvement for environmental review and facility planning

First quarter 2018 depending on due diligence results and needed time for public involvement – port commission decides on whether to enter into a purchase and sale agreement for the facility

First quarter 2018 – if the decision is to purchase, begin work on conversion of the Aquatic land lease to a Port Management Area

The envisioned schedule is contingent upon the environmental, financial, and public involvement finding throughout the Port’s due diligence phase.