OPALCO pays tribute to Microsoft’s Paul Allen

  • Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 12:07pm
  • Life

Submitted by OPALCO

The world lost a true friend in the passing of Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft. Many are telling the stories of his contributions to science, technology and humanity around the world and in Washington. Allen’s generosity is also responsible for the improvements Orcas Power and Light Cooperative made for the safety of crews in the field and access to first responders countywide.

In 2014, Allen’s company Vulcan carved out a small block of 600 MHz spectrum and made it available to OPALCO. San Juan County has such a small population base, and OPALCO staff would never have acquired access to this key element of connectivity without Allen’s foresight and generosity. Owning that spectrum set OPALCO up for success with the purchase of Rock Island Communication and made it possible to build a wireless network.

Whether you or a member of your family are out in the field as a lineworker, law enforcement officer or emergency medical provider; have benefited from local emergency services; can now work remotely from home; noticed the increased coverage for mobile communications countywide; or can simply appreciate streaming a movie at home without buffering, Allen made it possible.