Longtime islander publishes debut children’s book

  • Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Rebecca Cook

RA Cook, known to local islanders as Rebecca or Becca, recently announced the publishing of her debut children’s picture book, “Calvin Splinter and His Splendid Splinter Ideas.” A 10-year project, the 32-page beautifully illustrated book comes with a catchy marimba tune titled “The Humming Song.”

Written and illustrated by Cook, the picture book is a story of hope and renewal. Geared for children ages 4 to 9, the text and corresponding images carry a strong environmental message and dovetails with such themes as intuitive ideas, relationship building and working together for a common goal.

A graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, with a degree in illustration, Cook, an award-winning graphic designer, has worked in the newspaper, magazine and book industry for over three decades.

“I have designed plenty of books in the past but writing and illustrating my own is my passion and life’s work,” she said.

Semiretired, she plans to continue self-publishing more of her books.

“There are two other children’s picture books developed and waiting in the wings. Plus a middle-grade book about an Icelandic troll as well as an adult novel about multi-dimensional travel that takes place on Orcas Island. So, you might say I’m busy—passionately busy. But,” she adds, “I’m not too busy to sign one of my books.”

“Calvin Splinter and His Splendid Splinter Ideas” can be found at Island Studios and Griffin Bay Bookstore on San Juan Island. Get a free bookmark with a purchase at www.messageartdesign.com/BeccasBlog/calvin-splin- ter/exclusive-offer. The book takes place after a terrible storm in the Kingdom of Lumaria, with the help of a butterfly named Howie, a caterpillar named Woolie, and his splendid ideas, Calvin Splinter, a forest nymph, calls the other splinters using a catchy tune — “The Humming Song” — and together they rebuild the Great Forest.

This is a colorful story sure to capture young and old alike.