Lecture on underwater noise levels at The Whale Museum

  • Mon Sep 4th, 2017 3:06pm
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Submitted by The Whale Museum

On Sept. 7, Krista Trounce, the Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation Project manager, will give a free lecture at 6:30 p.m. at The Whale Museum as part of the Summer Lecture Series.

Trounce will present how the ECHO Program — a Vancouver Fraser Port Authority-led initiative — is working with national and international collaborators to develop mitigation measures that will lead to a reduction in potential threats to at-risk whales in the Salish Sea as a result of shipping activities.

Learn about the work the ECHO Program managers and collaborators are undertaking, including increasing awareness about the impacts of underwater noise on marine mammals, measuring vessel noise levels, monitoring regional ambient noise in the Salish Sea, long term goals, how the Salish Sea will benefit from this research, and more. Friday Harbor-based researcher Dr. Jason Wood of SMRU Consulting will join Tounce to describe how they are working together on a large scale research project to study the impacts of slowing vessels down through Haro Strait.

The Summer Lecture Series is dedicated to providing our local community and visiting public with knowledge and wonder of the natural world. The lectures are given by local or visiting experts in their field. Join, as they share their recent research projects, stories, and experiences. Each lecture is free and held at The Whale Museum. Donations are greatly appreciated. For more information, call 378-4710 ext.30. The Whale Museum is located in Friday Harbor at 62 First St. N.

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