John Jensen retired as fire commissioner

  • Mon Nov 6th, 2017 4:41pm
  • Life

Submitted by the San Juan Fire District 3

John Jensen has recently retired from serving as a Fire Commissioner for Fire District 3. His experience and commitment to our community has been a real asset to San Juan Island.

Jensen began his career working for the US Civil Service Commission as a Security Investigator. He then worked for the National Park Service, first as a ranger at Pipestone National Monument, then Whitman Mission National Historic Site, John Muir National Historic Site, and Point Reyes National Site, and later as a superintendent and district manager in North Cascades National Park for nine years. At Mt. Rainier National Park, Jensen served as chief ranger for 11 years. His responsibilities at the park service included structural fire, wildland fire, law enforcement, EMS, search and rescue, backcountry and climbing, resource management and road patrol.

Jensen said, “I want to thank the taxpayers of Fire District 3 for allowing me to serve as fire commissioner for 18 years. It was an honor and a privilege to work with great Commissioners, a fantastic staff, and wonderful firefighters.”