Fullscope Northwest provides archaeological resource for San Juan Islanders

  • Wed Feb 21st, 2018 7:00am
  • Life

Submitted by Fullscope Northwest

When people think of archaeologists, they often imagine them in far-off lands excavating great ruins. They rarely picture them working in their own backyard. Archaeological surveys, performed by a professional archaeologist, are often required for obtaining a land-use permit in San Juan County. Until recently, San Juan County homeowners had to look to the mainland for professionals to advise them; however, now they have the option to work with Friday Harbor-based archaeological consultants, Fullscope Northwest.

Fullscope Northwest is a partnership between Jena Kalli and Jeremy Ripin. Together, Kalli and Ripin have over 30 years experience in cultural resource management. The foundation of their careers was built traveling throughout the United States to conduct research and fieldwork. Both Kalli and Ripin feel fortunate to have the opportunity to use their skills and professional knowledge locally to assist homeowners and contribute to the stewardship of archaeological resources of the San Juan Islands.

Fullscope Northwest’s goal is to make archaeological permitting easier for everyone. Reaching out to cultural resource professionals, like Fullscope Northwest, in the planning phase of projects can help keep projects on time.

Another goal of Fullscope Northwest is to increase the stewardship of San Juan County’s shared cultural heritage through community engagement. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question related to the shared cultural heritage of the region we are all lucky to call home. Check out fullscopenw.com for more information or call 360-298-8500.