Contributed photo/Fisherman’s Village Music Festival Seattle psychedelic pop band Spirit Award will play Brickworks on Friday, April 21.

Everett music festival acts to play Friday Harbor

Locals don’t have to go off island for touring acts, thanks to Jenn Furber and Casey Sjogren of the Friday Harbor film and photography studio Neon Tide.

“These are the types of bands you see selling out bigger places all around the world,” said Furber.

That includes Seattle’s folk artist Star Anna and psychedelic pop band Spirit Award, who will co-headline a Friday, April 21 show at Brickworks. Doors open at 7 p.m. and Spirit Award plays first. The show is for ages 21 and up, since alcohol will be served, and tickets are $10 at the door.

It’s presented by Neon Tide and part of the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival, which Furber and Sjoren film. The festival features Pacific Northwest musicians every Spring in Everett. This is the four-year-old music festival’s first year presenting an island tour, which also includes Whidbey and Vashon, about a month after the festival.

The Neon Tide duo often makes music videos, like the one they’re filming for the Wilco-esque Star Anna now.

Furber has been hosting touring acts at her house shows for the last five years. Last year, Neon Tide’s Brickworks show, which included Seattle’s Thunderpussy and Everett’s Fauna Shade, was a hit — making the possibility of regular touring acts on the island, a reality for Furber.

“It’s just nice to know that us islanders don’t have to travel off island to see shows,” she said. “It could be a common occurrence to have music brought to us.”

That means having the bands buy ferry tickets, not the audience. Plus, in a county with twice the art sales per capita as King, why wouldn’t bands add the San Juans to tours?

“Friday Harbor is the perfect place for a show, because people appreciate music,” said Ryan Crowther, creator of the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival.

“Big Bad Wolf,” Star Anna:


Contributed photo/Fisherman’s Village Music Festival Seattle folk artist Star Anna will play Brickworks on Friday, April 21.