Chloe finds a home

A forever home has been found for Chloe in Seattle. The Friday Harbor Animal Shelter staff, while excited to see her with a loving owner, will also be sad to see the dog leave. Chloe, a Rottweiler mix with a malformed jaw, arrived at the shelter in January.

“We probably received about a dozen or so applications for Chloe,” Jan Murphy, animal transport manager at the Friday Harbor Animal Protection Society, said. She’ll be picked up March 1, barring unforeseen circumstances.

According to animal care supervisor Dyan Shober, the new owner is a woman who works with seniors. This means Chloe will frequently be visiting senior centers with her new human playing a role similar to a therapy dog, a perfect vocation for the mild-mannered and people loving Chloe, Shober explained.

Chloe is the sole survivor of her litter, born at a puppy mill outside of Washington. Her siblings were so badly deformed their bodies could not function, Murphy assumed. Despite her physical complications, Chloe is able to eat and drink without issue, does not appear to be in pain and does not require additional medical care as a result of her jaw. However, she does make funny noises as she breathes out of her nose since her nasal passages are also affected by the deformity. She is also hard of hearing but she navigates the world well, Murphy added. After leaving the puppy mill, Chloe spent several years living in a hoarding situation.

“[Her previous owners] collected everything – not just pets – and didn’t even take out the trash,” Murphy said.

According to her, the Friday Harbor shelter also received two cats that were rescued from that household. The pair of kitties was also recently adopted together.

Chloe’s new owner previously cared for a dog completely missing a lower jaw, Shober said, which was another reason shelter staff thought the pair would be a good match. The adopter has two large cats, she noted. The cats like dogs, however, and Chloe gets along well with felines.

Shober also mentioned that she was impressed by how caring Chloe’s adopter has been on the phone, double-checking that she has everything Chloe needs and that the adoption process is moving forward smoothly.

“She wanted to pick the pup up sooner, but then the snow happened,” Murphy said. “In the meantime, Chloe has had the run of the shelter. We will miss her, but we are thrilled she has found a loving home.”

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