Celebrate one San Juan community at fair

  • Thu Jul 19th, 2018 7:00am
  • Life

By Barbara Bevens

San Juan County Fair Board

Residents are one community here in the San Juans. Sure, there is Orcas, San Juan, Waldron, Lopez, Shaw, Stuart and 122 other islands that have names, but San Juan County is still one community with many personalities.

Everyone comes together at the San Juan County Fair, this year from Aug. 15–18, to show off their critters and products, to instruct, learn, buy, sell, see and be seen (for those teens), eat fair food and be entertained. But, most of all islanders come together to share the small communities with the whole.

One of the most important things to watch for is the interconnecting of the 4-H kids in the barns. From day one, when they are checking in their projects and animals, they work together, they help one another and forge bonds with the greater community. They are all one, with a little friendly competition thrown in. All those kids want their buddies to win the blue ribbon right along with themselves.

The textile and fiber arts entrants (used to be the ladies, but now there are some very talented gentlemen, too) stop and talk and share techniques and tricks along with the island gossip someone might have missed. They all work together to make their area a beautiful and successful place, a community. In the main building people are often heard asking and showing where someone else’s carving project or table or photo or painting or drawing is; so, they can vote the same for best of show. And, before the fair even starts — everyone is helping one another to get those projects entered. Doesn’t matter who they are or where they are from, the islands are all one community.

So, come celebrate this community, as locals showcase who they are, and what they do here in the San Juan Islands.