Apply to be on Friday Harbor’s historic preservation board

  • Thu Jan 25th, 2018 2:47pm
  • Life

Submitted by the Town of Friday Harbor

Change is inevitable, but some things are worth preserving because they tell a story, our story.

The Town of Friday Harbor is looking for an islander who appreciates Friday Harbor’s history and historic sites and would be willing to serve on the historic preservation review board.

Five citizen board members, appointed by the mayor, help to guide the Town and the owners of historic properties toward the common goal of sensitive preservation of historic buildings for contemporary use.

The ideal candidate is someone who values Friday Harbor’s unique sense of place and history, has experience and skills in a field or fields related to preservation, architecture or a related field — and who enjoys public service.

One volunteer position is opening soon and will remain open until filled.

For information about board duties and responsibilities, or to submit a resume, visit or contact Sandy Strehlou, Historic Preservation Review Board Coordinator, Town of Friday Harbor, 360-378-2810,, or PO Box 219, Friday Harbor.