Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner volunteers requested

  • Fri Oct 27th, 2017 2:01pm
  • Life

Jim and Minnie Knych are the organizers of the Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

Submitted by Minnie and Jim Knych

What if you gave a party and everybody came? No, the whole island doesn’t show up, but a complete cross-section of the whole island does come together at the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Mullis Center.

This will be the 19th annual Thanksgiving Dinner and we hope you choose to take part. So many islanders pitch in to help, and that is good because it takes almost 100 volunteers to make this island family dinner happen. Sometimes there are a dozen people in the kitchen mashing potatoes, chopping salad, or washing pots and pans. Just like a big family dinner, there’s always another chore to be done and everyone that wants to can pitch in.

You are invited to participate by baking a pie for the dessert table, roasting one of the 32 turkeys in your home oven, or by picking up a spoon and helping to serve the gravy. Or… you can just come for the dinner. Sit with old friends and island family and enjoy a full course Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23 at the Mulls Center. We serve dinner from noon to 5 p.m.

If you want to volunteer to be part of the fun, visit For more information, call Jim and Minnie Knych at 378-7040.