Contributed photo. The class reunion. Back: Mark Myser, Donna Burton, Joan Lumsden, Paul Thompson, Frank Rouleau, John Funk, Marilyn Cochran, Perry Sandwith, Nick Mason. Front: Steve Hudson, Susie Jarman, Joey (Ethelee) Mason, Bob Lumsden. (Jeff Louden had to leave early and missed the picture)

Friday Harbor High School class of 67 celebrates 50 years

  • Tue Oct 31st, 2017 7:58am
  • Life

Members of the legendary Friday Harbor High School Class of 1967 met for their 50th class reunion on Aug. 5, at the home of Susie and Bob Jarman on San Juan Island. Many of them were together since kindergarten, way back in 1955.

They were joined by numerous alumni from other classes and various family members. Everyone had a great time visiting and reminiscing about days gone by. They may be older (and wiser?) but are still teenagers at heart.

Over the years, they have said goodbye to classmates who sadly left too soon, Barbara Boe, Susie Elder, Marty Halvorsen, David Huckens, Leonard Martel, Joyce Morrill, Sherry Peacock, and Charlie Settles.


Contributed photo. The senior class. Back: Jeff Louden, Randy Tift, Perry Sandwith, Frank Rouleau, Nick Mason, Lowell Sundstrom, Milton Robertson, Paul Thompson. Middle: Susie Franklin, Joan Lumsden, Steve Hudson, Leonard Martel, Danny Sundstrom, Sharon Murphy, Joyce Morrill. Front: Donna Boyce, Marilyn Crosby, Lois Burton, Leslie Gregory. (missing from photo: Barbara Boe, Bob Lumsden, Allan Hyko, Mark Myser)

Contributed photo. The kindergarten class. Back: Nick Mason, Marilyn Crosby, Duane Smoots, Diane Catrell, Danny Catrell, Donna Boyce, Leslie Gregory. Middle: Perry Sandwith, Charlie Settles, Frank Rouleau, Peggy Percich. Front: Randy Tift, Susie Franklin, Linda Sutterman, Ethelee Sandwith, Teresa Sherman, Mary Lou Doyle, Lowell Sundstrom.