Yes for Ramel in primary | Letter

When I learned that Alex Ramel’s background includes experience with creating permanently affordable housing, my ears perked up. Then I attended one of his events and had the chance to talk with him. I was very impressed with his thoughtfulness, intelligence, understanding of the issues facing our communities, and that he is a great listener.

We need a champion like Alex who understands the critical importance of maintaining a supply of housing for those who keep our community functioning. He supports a fully funded state housing trust fund. Assuming that San Juan County’s local Home Fund is approved, we will need the state housing trust fund to leverage additional dollars for housing for working people, families and seniors.

Alex has now been endorsed by the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund – please visit his webpage at to see his many endorsements!

I believe that Alex Ramel represents our best opportunity and urge you to vote for him as our next 40th District representative.

Nancy DeVaux

San Juan Island