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Wishing SJC Dems luck | Letters

Upon reading about the AG’s office suit against the SJC Dems I felt relieved to know that SJC Republican Party’s longtime treasurer and tax attorney is so reliable and knowledgeable. It is so easy to run afoul of the rules, which tend to be complicated, difficult, and occasionally unreasonable.

In a volunteer organization, it is difficult to get people who will do the work, which means the chairman often has far more than he can handle. Certainly, they should follow the rules, and failing to treat responsibly donated funds is a serious issue, but I have to wonder if suing the party is going to make it more likely that capable people will be willing to handle the finances. Errors made in good faith (as opposed to embezzlement or something) should be handled through an audit process rather than legal action. I do feel that accounting irregularities should be taken seriously, and it is laudable to speak up in such a situation.

I do not know what happened here, but if they were good-faith errors I wish them all the best in resolving this situation.

Nathan Butler

Chairman, SJC Republican Party