We, the people, have the power | Letter

Abraham Lincoln defined American government as a “Government of the people, for the people, and by the people”.

It appears that is no longer the case.

It seems that we now have “Government of the people, for the wealthy, big business and politicians, and by politicians”.

Why is that? Could it be that “we the people” are not exercising our right and responsibility to voice our opinion and wishes. Or is it politicians are not listening to us. This was the case when our state politicians voted against our districts and state’s selection for the 2016 democratic presidential candidate. I do believe under the constitution, it is their job and responsibility to represent the wishes of the people to Congress, not their own. When politicians do not hear from the people, they will exercise their ideas which may not be an advantage for us or to our liking.

It is your first amendment right to speak your mind and vote for what you believe in. We can solve this problem if we exercise our right to speak up. Politicians will do what we want if enough of us speak up and put pressure on them to do what they are told. If not, we can vote them out. We now have an excellent means of communication known as the world wide web. All politicians have a public website that is accessible to us. All it takes is five minutes of your time to log on and express your feelings about any government issue. It simply is not that difficult. What are you waiting for? President Trump to fulfill his desire to become King of America? God help us.

Write your representative, senators and political party and speak your mind. If you don’t then it is likely you may not get what you want. Don’t like what Trump does? Tell them to dump Trump!

Elections are sometimes won by only a few votes so your vote could make the difference. We only have a few weeks to mid-term elections!

If not registered, register to vote, then vote.

Gene Bornholdt

Friday Harbor