Thanks for help after cycling accident | Letters

On Sunday, Aug. 6, I was bicycling around San Juan Island with my sweetie, Stan, and was in a bicycle accident around noon between the lavender farm and Lime Kiln on West Side Road. I went over the handlebars and significantly cut open my lower lip and chin and hurt my wrist. I am writing this letter to thank the nurse with the Seahawks jacket, the police officer who showed up on the scene, the two bicyclists who helped and called 911, and the myriad other bystanders who rushed to my aid.

I’d also like to thank Noah and Dave, the 911 crew who took me to the Peace Island Medical Center; the fantastic Drs. Sanoja and Perez; the amazing nurse Lesley who immediately calmed me; Colin, the phenomenal nurse who cleaned my wounds and reassured me; the nurse, Auralee who helped me leave; Jesse, the X-ray technician; and everyone else who helped me at the medical center. Dr. Sanoja did a wonderful job on my face and wrist and had the very calmest and kindest bedside manner.

I particularly want to acknowledge the kindness, competence and deeply reassuring help offered by everyone on the street right after my crash. Especially the dear nurse in the Seahawks jacket. She was perfectly lovely, exceedingly competent, and did so much to calm my fears and take care of me. My gratitude to her is enormous and she was an inspiration.

I ended up with a broken wrist, 30-40 stitches in my lip and chin, and everything will heal just fine. I am back home in San Diego and feeling much better. I grew up in the Northwest visiting and living in the San Juan Islands and many places around our beautiful state. My folks live on Whidbey Island and in Auburn and I have relatives all around the Seattle area. We will return to the San Juan Islands soon and finish our bicycle ride.

With much care, gratitude, and joy that I was able to experience so much kindness from you San Juan Islanders,

Carolyn Kurle

Encinitas, California