Support for Marrett | Letter

As a former Executive Director of the Port of Friday Harbor I am endorsing Barbara Marrett for another term as Port Commissioner. While working with the Port District I could always count on her to do her homework before Port Commission meetings and to keep herself up to date on Port and Community events. Our Port Commission has been stable because staggered terms for Commissioners allows new Commissioners to learn the duties, responsibilities, and obligations from the previously elected commissioners. With Commissioner Ahrenius’s recent withdrawal from his office, it would leave only one commissioner with experience if Barbara were not re-elected. This along with a newly appointed Executive Director and Executive Assistant would leave the Port with a scarcity of institutional knowledge if she were no longer on the commission.

And unlike the other commissioner and her opponent Barbara does not have a conflict of being a tenant of the port.

I believe women need to be represented on political boards and commissions in all areas of politics. Barbara has served the port well and has been seasoned by experience over the last 12 years.

I believe she deserves our support and our vote in this fall’s election for the Friday Harbor Port Commission.

Steve Simpson

Friday Harbor