Sharing and caring | Letter

Island handyman Tim Delapp has chosen to brighten his corner of the world and share it with our community. If you are on your way to the ball fields, walking down Carter Street, you’ll find an oasis tucked into a nook in the fence, a lovely comfy cushioned seat for two persons and beautiful plants, all free for the enjoying a place to relax and reflect.

Delapp epitomizes what we can all do with little effort in this world to make it a better place. We have it all in our own backyards, all within us. A kind gesture that doesn’t cost a penny, a generous thought to share with a stranger, simply reaching out of our own little square box to include our island neighbors.

A small step goes a long way! His sitting spot is a real inspiration and so beautiful.

An extra bonus, I stopped my car when I saw him in the yard and shared my delight and also a Double Bubble fortune of yesteryear: “The definition of poverty is if you have a generous thought and don’t get on it.” He said, “wait a minute.” He had cleaned out a person’s house and presented me with a big bag of old Double Bubble gum, never opened. They are hard as rocks, I’ll never chew them, but I put them on a shelf as a reminder of that whole day!

Funny and fun!

Francie Hansen

San Juan Island