Scam warning | Letter

Caller ID spam warning! All should be aware of a new scam (or at least it’s new to us). According to our phone company’s troubleshooting department, scammers can now download an app that allows them to use any phone number they want when calling.

Yesterday, we had a friend call us to inform us they picked up the phone because their caller ID indicated it was me calling. They know me so they picked up the phone to say hello. It wasn’t me. It was a telemarketer selling health insurance.

This has happened to several people already. The worst story I heard was that an elderly lady picked up her phone because the caller ID showed her neighbor’s name and phone number. When she answered it, the caller asked her for money to help with a family matter. She gave it to them. Turns out, it wasn’t the neighbor. It was a scammer.

Barbara Buck and her daughter Lynn Buck Wade

San Juan Island