Saved a life | Letters

Never in our wildest dreams would we have envisioned the scenario that played out in Friday Harbor on Wednesday, June 21! As part of the Collette Tour of the San Juan Islands, we planned on a leisurely trip to Victoria, Vancouver, B.C.; but, my husband, Chuck, awoke with symptoms we knew needed to be checked out before boarding the boat. A quick jaunt to the ER indicated an illness that resulted in a trip via Island Air to Bellingham. In looking back, we can see the blessings that surrounded us: Bob’s Taxi service that got us to the ER; the efficient and streamlined emergency medical system in place at Friday Harbor; the new hospital and its staff, who so quickly assessed the situation. In a very short time, we were in the air and on our way to St. Joseph’s, Bellingham. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Sullivan, Emily and Arna, as well as, to the emergency medical response team on the ground, and everyone at Island Air…Ash, Dave, Margaret, and Gabe, (I’m sure I have forgotten someone!). Also to Jackie (Island Air), who got a wayward piece of luggage to Bellingham, and to St. Joseph’s via Derek, a young man who worked for Fed Ex and out of sheer kindness delivered it to us on his way home. To say we will never forget Friday Harbor is an understatement; not only for your care, but for a group of people whose hearts opened up to us, and whose skills, basically saved a life!

Chuck and Bev Moreland

Lakeway, Texas