Re: Pregnancy choices | Letters

A letter writer in the April 12 edition of the Journal recommended that women who are confronting an unplanned pregnancy might want to consider a couple of pregnancy clinics located in Mount Vernon and Oak Harbor. The writer stressed that these clinics, “in a non-judgmental…manner, can help you to sort out your feelings and emotions and share facts and information you will need to make your own choices.” The non-judgmental part may very well be true but both the help you’ll get in sorting out your feelings and emotions and the facts and information you’ll get are likely to come with a clear bias.

Both organizations come from a religious or spiritual base. If you read through their websites carefully it’s clear that the advice you get will be colored by their own spiritual beliefs. And you should assume that their “facts” are likely to be skewed as well.

The only organization that will give you objective, completely unbiased counseling to help you consider ALL your options in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is Planned Parenthood. They trust a fully informed woman to make the best choice for herself and her family. Planned Parenthood also provides complete contraceptive services, STD testing and treatment services and cancer screenings. And, we have an office right here in Friday Harbor. You don’t need to travel to Mount Vernon or Oak Harbor and subject yourself to someone else’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

Susan Grout

San Juan Island