Letters To The Editor

Yes for Watson – letter

I am endorsing Bill Watson for San Juan County Council. I have…

  • Nov 2nd, 2016

Letters: Democratic Presidential Primary

You may be perplexed over what Washington’s May 24 Democratic Presidential Primary means, especially if you participated in the March 24 Democratic precinct caucuses. But I encourage you to vote!

  • May 10th, 2016

Co-op lacks transparency | Letter

Please pay attention to the upcoming SJI Food Co-op annual meeting Monday, March 21 at 5:30 pm at Brickworks

  • Mar 16th, 2016

Maureen Marinkovich for Co-op board | Letter

My name is Maureen Marinkovich and I am running for a seat on the board of our food co-op, of which I am a founding member.

  • Mar 16th, 2016

Kudos for ‘Love Letters’

Island Stage Left fans are in for a rare treat as director Helen Machine-Smith mounts the stage with her partner Daniel Mayes.

  • Mar 6th, 2016

Primary elections, caucuses

You may have noticed that this is a presidential election year. The majority of states hold primary elections to select presidential candidates, while 13 states hold caucuses for this purpose.

  • Mar 1st, 2016

Thank you for Knowledge Bowl

We offer a huge thank you from the SJ Public School Foundation

  • Mar 1st, 2016

Register Democrat and Vote for Bernie

It was good to see Diane Martindale encouraging young people to register and come to the Democratic caucus,

  • Mar 1st, 2016

The power of boxing exercise

Thanks to the editor for pointing out that the article on “Empowering Young Women to Box” does not involve any physical contact with one another at all.

  • Mar 1st, 2016

Boxing class empowers women

I have been attending the women’s boxing class for two years and it has, quite literally, changed my life for the better.

  • Mar 1st, 2016

Girls boxing class no contact

There is absolutely no sparring or body contact at all in any of my classes.

  • Mar 1st, 2016

Have old I-pods? | Letters

Life Care Center collecting unused I-pods for hospice patients

  • Feb 25th, 2016

Boxing concerns | Letters

Local pediatrician voices concern over young women's boxing class

  • Feb 25th, 2016

When is a co-op not a co-op? | Letters

OPALCO was formed as a cooperative to provide electricity but is it still really a co-op?

  • Feb 25th, 2016

Students are the real winners | Letters

This years Knowledge Bowl a success for students and others

  • Feb 25th, 2016

‘Love Letters’ | Letters

"Love Letters" play is charming, funny and full of social commentary

  • Feb 25th, 2016

High marks for cancer care | Letters

Less than a year ago I had a very pleasant and lengthy experience at the PIMC Cancer Care Center.

  • Feb 23rd, 2016

Pride for the community | Letters

Thursday evening, I felt a sense of pride in our community

  • Feb 23rd, 2016

Vote for Bernie | Letters

I hope that folks coming to the Democratic precinct caucuses on March 26 will support Bernie Sanders for president!

  • Feb 23rd, 2016

Superintendent Danna Diaz Says Thank You

I would like to say thank you. I appreciate how the community supports our students and teachers! As I have said before and will say over and over again, it is a blessing to live, work and learn in Friday Harbor. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve.

  • Feb 16th, 2016

Inspired by League of Women Voters

Yesterday I decided to go to the League of Women Voters monthly meeting, and their guest speakers really inspired me.

  • Feb 16th, 2016

Kudos for Howard Story

I wish to express my appreciation for The Journal naming Howard as Citizen of the Year. He is totally deserving of that honor.

  • Feb 16th, 2016

Thank you from the Lions’ Club

The San Juan Lions Club wishes to thank the San Juan Islands Public Schools Foundation for once again inviting us to compete in the Knowledge Bowl.

  • Feb 16th, 2016

Concerns about zoning

The county is currently rezoning much of the county shoreline ostensibly to eliminate confusion. In almost every case where there is a differing zoning for the intertidal zone and the water off shore of this zone, the least environmentally restrictive of the two is chosen to replace both, creating one zoning from the high tide mark seaward.

  • Feb 16th, 2016

Marler will be greatly missed | Letters

The members of Orcas Island Fire and Rescue wish to extend deepest condolences to the family of Chief Marler and to the members of San Juan Fire District 3.

  • Feb 8th, 2016

Democratic caucuses on the island | Letters

Mark March 26 on your calendars now for the Democratic caucuses in San Juan County. Hillary wants your vote that day.

  • Feb 8th, 2016

OPALCO: suggestion for itemized billing | Letter

Being open and honest about the monthly impact of this purchase on the member’s pocketbook would go a long way

  • Feb 8th, 2016

Bringing radio to the islands | Letter

I would like to publicly acknowledge the good and important work of the late Michael Calhoun who, along with his wife Jody and son Copper, went to great efforts to start the local radio station that is now such a valuable resource to San Juan island.

  • Feb 8th, 2016

Turn out for the Pet Food Drive to support the local shelter | Letters

The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor is asking that people help support local pets and families by donating pet food during its annual Valentine’s Day Community Pet Food Drive.

  • Feb 8th, 2016

Democrats urged to vote in upcoming caucuses | Letter

March 26 caucuses are the start of the process to select delegates from Washington State to the Democratic National Convention on July 25-28 in Philadelphia where the official Democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates will be selected.

  • Feb 2nd, 2016

Remembering Steve Marler | Letter

Fire Chief, protector and great leader: gone, but never forgotten.

  • Feb 2nd, 2016

Technology is the future of our children’s careers | Editorial

Children are our future, and technology seems to be their future. That’s why voters should pass the San Juan Island School District's Capital Improvements and Technology Levy on Feb. 9.

  • Feb 2nd, 2016

School District Citizens Committee member supports Capital Projects and Technology Levy | Letters

The projects and equipment the levy will fund are “needs” and not just “wants.”

  • Feb 2nd, 2016

Vote for Bernie Sanders in March 26 election | Letters

Sanders' goal is to rebuild and unite America's middle class.

  • Feb 2nd, 2016

Internet is as vital as electricity | Letters

It is time for Orcas Power and Light Cooperative’s Rock Island division to set up a 24-hour outage number and repair service for the Internet just as OPALCO does for electrical service.

  • Feb 2nd, 2016

Support for the San Juan Island School District Capital and Technology Levy | Letters

My support lies in my firm conviction that the measure of a community may be taken by the support it provides to its next generation.

  • Feb 2nd, 2016

Power bill increase and decrease of “profits” is unacceptable | Letters

Perhaps you too have noticed that your bill is considerably higher than last year (mine is $100 higher and I didn’t use that much more power) and that your annual return of “profits” was cut in half this year

  • Jan 26th, 2016

We live in paradise, others do not | Letters

I have a friend who dreams about the San Juan Islands. She longs for its rural tranquility, incredible beauty, but most of all for the personal safety enjoyed by those that live here.

  • Jan 26th, 2016

Dodie’s Shadow has followed her | Letters

Shadow, my magnificent fuzzy friend has joined Dodie Gann on a journey where there must be great opportunities to explore and bark.

  • Jan 26th, 2016

Offended by broadband article | Letters

Your article seems to be designed to drive all other service providers off the island and I object to your use of this newspaper for such a purpose.

  • Jan 19th, 2016