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Mt. Grant is also Lawson Ridge | Letters

I took a beautiful hike today down Lawson Road, up and around the gravel pit, and eventually all the way up to the spectacular vista currently called “Mt.Grant.” While I applaud the Land Bank’s acquisition of this amazing San Juan Island property, I’d like to remind folks that it is OK to call it by its real name, Lawson Ridge. (For those who aren’t aware, the Land Bank purchased the property from the Lawson family who owned the parcels for more decades than I can fathom).

No need to explain the historic island heritage associated with this iconic island family. My wife, son and I have spent almost two decades enjoying those woods, the ponds, the views. Richard Lawson was a treasured neighbor of ours for 15 years, and perhaps one of the biggest employers in the county for decades. I consider Tommy, Leah, Richard Jr., Tricia, Chris and Sherry (and all their wonderful kids) to be great friends and awesome people. So folks, spring has almost sprung — let’s get out and hike. See you up on Lawson Ridge!

And to the Land Bank? Great purchase, but you alienated a bunch of island folks by creating a new name for an old favorite place, Lawson Ridge. Perhaps an 1894 historical survey explains your ‘Grant’ name choice? Good thing you have a historian on your payroll, paid for by our real estate tax revenue. Better yet, high five if you used Google instead.

Jay Ibold

Friday Harbor