McKenna for school board | Letters

The schools on San Juan Island have been the center of the community for over a century. The district teaches over 800 students, employs over 100 community members and puts $1 million dollars per month into the economy. Governing the schools is a serious responsibility.

As a school district director, I will challenge the district to make rapid progress on parent issues with special education and the rigor of the K-12 learning continuum. These concerns were voiced at the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Forum last week and were also identified in the January 2016 San Juan Island Management Review report. This report outlines serious program gaps and has specific recommendations for change based on the latest educational research and best practices. District budget priorities and staff focus need to demonstrate a commitment to fix special education and deliver rigorous learning for all students next year.

I bring over 40 years of experience in schools across the nation. I have seen how similar schools addressed the same challenges and made rapid progress. I would like to share this expertise with the board and school community to avoid pitfalls and build on successes for the benefit of island students.

Ruth McKenna

San Juan Island School District Board candidate