Marrett perfect for port | Letter

Barbara Marrett is a perfect match for the port commission, which is exactly why she has held the position for the last 12 years. As a long-time boater herself, she understands the needs and wants of boaters. She cares about the stewardship of the port – both its functionality and its aesthetics. Moreover, after living on the island for nearly 40 years, she knows and appreciates the public she represents. Here are a few of her qualities that come to mind after knowing and working with her on a number of community projects over the past 19 years:

She is a consensus builder – she always strives to avoid the divisiveness so often prevalent in today’s society.

She is an experienced, articulate communicator who works well with others. Her interest in hearing what others have to say makes her effective as a board or committee member as well as in public outreach. She not only listens but also gives clear, reasoned, intelligent, concise answers.

She is focused and pays attention to detail, yet thinks out of the box, often coming up with smart, creative approaches. For example, she was a strong voice pushing to make the entire port area more user-friendly after the Downriggers fire, with outdoor seating, cafes for coffee and even a small pocket beach, making it a pleasant place for the public to wait for ferries or just to hang out.

She can always be counted on, and if she commits she doesn’t give up until she finishes the job, regardless of how hard it is or how long it takes. This includes doing the necessary homework. If she doesn’t understand something, she makes it her business to find out. She is not afraid of hard work.

Above all, she has integrity – she is honest, candid, forthright, and incorruptible!

Please join me in supporting Barbara Marrett as port commissioner.

Jean Shreve

San Juan Island