Mad about Mullis | Letter

The removal of the American flag from the Mullis Center and prohibiting the Pledge of Allegiance at senior lunches is very troubling. Many of the seniors are veterans, and these actions are considered by most members unpatriotic and insulting. We feel honored and privileged to say the pledge at any forum. This has been something we at the Mullis Center have been privileged to do for many years, and it is an ill-fated move to prohibit it. Our country is currently in a state of political unrest and turmoil and anything that unites us is worth having.

It is wrongful to file a trespass notice against Minnie Kynch on the grounds of “political solicitation. Supporting folks who want to say the Pledge of Allegiance is not political solicitation. This trespass order has long range affects that will affect hundreds of people who join together at the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, which is organized by Minnie; if she can’t go into the building, there will be no dinner. Minnie, and her husband Jim, are the most helpful and civic minded people on our island, and we are fortunate for their never tiring efforts. It is our sincerest hope that this trespass notice will be withdrawn, that we can resume citing the pledge at lunch if we choose to do so, and the Mullis Center will return to being a much needed peaceful haven for our seniors.

Kathy & Richard Obenaus

Friday Harbor