Larsen on wrong side of party | Letters

I just attended Congressman Rick Larsen’s town hall meeting at Brickworks. I was not inspired. While I am thankful we have a Democrat in that seat, I find he is on the wrong side within the party with respect to the most important domestic issue this country faces: health care. When asked his position on single payer he forthrightly answered he does not support it and instead is committed to improving the Affordable Care Act. So that tells me he is not of the Bernie wing of the party, which overwhelmingly won both the San Juan County and Washington state caucuses. I looked at our two senators’ websites and could not find any position statement on what kind of health care system they support, so presumably both favor, like Larsen, continuing to tweak the dead horse. Here are some questions I would have asked Larsen if he had pointed to my raised hand:

Have you read Dr. John Geyman’s new book “Crisis In U.S. Health Care: Corporate Power vs The Common Good? “

Why does the Democratic Party still cling to the Obama/Clinton legacy health care model in spite of all its many disadvantages compared to a single payer system? I suspect it is more policy inertia and face-saving than real concern for equitable access and controlling costs.

You mentioned “forward thinking” in answer to someone’s question. Evidently, the Republican Party is not doing it if they really believe they can get away with deeply offending the clear majority of Americans without blowback at the next election. I see, hear and read not much forward thinking by the centrist Democratic Party either. All the action is reactionary, skirmish tactics, no coherent strategy we the people are informed of.

And finally, is there much or any concern in Congress that there may be a limit to how much dysfunction, deceit, corruption, sabre rattling, injustice, and environmental destruction the American public will tolerate?

Tom White

San Juan