“Chicago” is blessing | Letters

The arts have always represented a beacon of provocative inspiration….. This gift was instantly accessible in the razzle-dazzle production of “Chicago,” I beheld last night at San Juan Community Theatre. From the opening notes and first display of grinding hips, to the final sexy dance duet… from the sometimes electrifying elements of music, dance, costumes, sets, lighting, props…to all the invisible eyes and hands bringing it all miraculously together — even down to the numerous understated bio credits. What a nonstop kaleidoscope of creative excellence!

It seems to me “Chicago” provides us with so much more than quality community theater entertainment. It models essential elements worth cultivating in our country and our world today perhaps more than ever: To risk being vulnerable and truly seen… to summon the courage to reject stereotypes and celebrate ourselves and others as the multifaceted, ever-evolving, miraculous beings we actually are… to embrace collaboration for the sake of a story larger and grander than our own egos…

Thank you, “Chicago” for blessing our island with such commitment, skill and inspiration!

Deb Langhans

San Juan Island