Cartoon not funny | Letters

My husband and I like to laugh and enjoy a good cartoon, but last week’s cartoon in the Journal really missed the mark. It portrayed a man who was so dirty that he had flies buzzing around him. The man explained this by saying, “I’m competing in the Trashion Fashion show. Can’t you tell?”

We found this offensive in two ways. Firstly it implies that a person who is so dirty and smelly that he is attracting flies is humorous, and secondly, it implies that contestants in the Trashion Fashion event wear costumes that smell and attract flies.

I have to assume that the cartoonist has never attended the Trashion Fashion show and seen the quality of the costumes which have taken the contestants an incredible amount of time, creativity and energy to make.

The punch line felt mean-spirited, although I’m sure that was not the intent. This cartoon also is insulting to the organizers of Trashion Fashion who give so freely of their time, creativity and organizing skills to put on one of the most popular events of the fair!

This cartoon did not feel community friendly.

Janet and Tsolo Dann

The above sentiments are also shared by Ann Schwarz

San Juan Island