Build bridges | Letters

Herb Meyer made some good comments to the Lincoln Day dinner crowd regarding the center to be a more reasonable place to be. And with Trump, the far left have tears in their eyes, and the far right has tunnel vision and no common sense. Trump has no vision, just distortions. As a multi-term member of the board of directors of the Mainstream Republicans of Washington, I staunchly believe in the in the middle road, but these days you have to be nimble to avoid getting run over. I believe in common sense solutions. Bridges before walls.

Neither pole right or left has the ability to hold onto power, but they do have the power to ruin our country and the world. Neither can apply their narrow view to the totality of circumstances. Humorist Bill Maher, on his HBO show a few weeks ago, stated he felt the only people able to stop Trump are the moderate conservatives. He said this after flaying the far left liberals for being cry babies. Bill Maher is right. Case in point, it was moderate Republicans who stopped the poorly designed health care bill to replace OBAMA care. Bill Maher could have been more clear and included moderate democrats in his statement. But we can get there. In this state, liberal governor Jay Inslee wants to stomp out the carbon footprint but at the expense of Puget Sound and the whales. Just look at his tax proposal and budget. It’s his agenda, alone. I guess that’s the road to the U.S. Senate, or the road to the largest carbon producing region, hell, the two could very well be one and the same. Leadership at both poles can’t hear the people. I implore moderate democrats, republicans and independents, to meet in the middle and grow stronger together. I see bumper stickers that say RESIST, I hear you. The best way to do so is by forming a non-partisan coalition. Let’s work for bridges instead of walls!

John Christensen

San Juan Island