Better sex ed needed | Letters

The case dismissed by Judge Eaton described in last week’s Journal illustrates a trifecta of callousness about sex. As a society, we do not value and are not open to talking or teaching about the pleasures of sex and its responsibilities. The result is a cascade of multifaceted problems which range from rape to unwanted pregnancy to lifetime misery for both sexes.

There are societies which teach that human beings are not things and that sex is not something to be done but an act of caring. Their incidence of unwanted pregnancy and other problems connected with sex is substantially lower than ours. When we refuse to teach and model sexuality as opposed to sex we compound our problems.

How many of us tell our children that sex is a pleasure and that it requires that one has to care about the other’s pleasure as well as their problems? That kind of education needs to start before puberty. Doing that and modeling and teaching about sexuality as opposed to sex will go a long way to reducing promiscuousness and help make our society a kinder and more caring one.

Gabriel Jacobs

Shaw Island