Ban town fireworks | Letter

I stayed home the night of July 4. I live over the hill from the harbor, and the town fireworks detonate close and are visible with cloud cover. The acoustics sounded like they were exploding in my yard.

I stepped out my back door in time to see a deer running hard through the yard. It was obviously terrorized by the fireworks. I would have missed this had I gone to the show.

If Friday Harbor wants to support the urbanization of deer, this is clearly an unnatural state. For example, it is not normal to see a herd of bucks in broad daylight in the wild. Here it happens all the time in my yard and other yards in town.

Hunting is the best management option. With no predators, the deer population gets out of control. The misguided and wannabe environmentalists are mortified by that thought, but something has to give. The town’s course is set. Protect the deer!

That being said there is a clear need to ban the Fourth of July fireworks here in town. The deer, and I’m sure multiple dogs and cats, maybe a pot-bellied pig or two, would benefit.

Still want fireworks? Launch them from the boat launch area of Jackson Beach, aiming toward Lopez and there should be minimal impact. Roche Harbor may have to stop or modify their display as well.

Or capture and move the deer to a natural environment off island.

For those of us old enough to remember the rabbit epidemics, we may face that with deer.

Incidently deer seem to be getting more aggressive. Move them or hunt them, or ban the fireworks!

John Christensen

Friday Harbor