A second chance | Letters

Some folks might call it a “do-over” but I’m saying that we have a second chance to do…nothing! That’s right, don’t do anything. Leave well enough alone. We had a chance to do nothing when Downrigger’s burned and that lovely waterfront area could have been turned into green space, an extension to the waterfront park, or even a sea-wall walk.

We’ve been given a second chance. The Downrigger’s development has occurred and we’re stuck with it; but we have, as a community, an opportunity to “do nothing” about the proposed connector road from Turn Point Road, through what we affectionately call the gravel pit. There is no reason, as near as I can tell, to spend a lot of money (and it will be more before it becomes less) to build a road that few will use, and some do not want. What of the impact on greenspace and park areas? This area is a prime area to many “pet parents” to get out, stretch the legs, making sure their pets get air and exercise, while they reap the benefits of a healthy outing themselves. The item in the Journal states the connector road would be used by “10 fuel trucks a week” from Jensen’s Bay and that they would use the connector road in favor of Warbass Way. I didn’t see any comment from IPS, the propane companies, or even Friday Harbor Freight or other users of the barge landing facility for Island access. Is there consensus from the truck community on the efficacy of this proposed route change? Have the safety issues, construction issues and community impact been discussed?

So let’s slow down, let’s have some discussion, let us look at the larger picture. We have an opportunity to do nothing. Let’s seize it.

Frank Reeves

Cape San Juan